Drive-thru convenience without the drive-thru.

Order from great local stores and restaurants. Drive up and your order is brought to your car in seconds. Boom.

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Why Flybuy?

No parking. No hassle. No wasted time.

No searching for a parking spot

No waiting in line

No waiting to checkout

No getting kids out of car seats

No searching the shelves

No wasted time.

Our Proprietary and Patent-Pending Technologies

At FlyBuy we wondered one simple question. What if every store and restaurant had a drive-thru? We combine the convenience of shopping online with the speed and ease of a drive-thru, but without the drive-thru or the wait.

  • Adaptive dynamic location based handshaking
  • Geo-Contextual UI and “Dual Brain”
  • “Air Traffic” Control Coordination
  • Daisy Chain Auto-Optimization
  • Seamless Workflow Integrations

How it works

The FlyBuy app is free to download and costs nothing to use. The only thing you pay for are the goods and services you purchase through the app.

Get in Touch

Have feedback, suggestion, or any thought about our app? Are you a merchant interested in offering FlyBuy to your customers? Feel free to contact us anytime.