2017 is off to a flying start. Our company has grown more in the past month than the local deli's soup of the day. 

Our recent launch with Garden Bar in Portland, Oregon was a hit. Flyers are ordering through the app to pick up lunch for the whole office, on the way home for dinner or when they have a full car with family and friends. 

We partnered with Zipcar as well to reduce the amount of time wasted parking or waiting in line at restaurants. Now all Zipcar members have sweet benefits, earn discounts on tasty meals and "Live Better on the Fly." 

Within the Seattle area, we kicked off new restaurant partnerships on the East Side of town. From personal pizzas, authentic Mexican, Greek cuisine, and local bakery treats... Redmond is riding the FlyBuy revolution. 

Our CEO, Wil Merritt - notorious for witty comments in group emails - says FlyBuy is prepared to step up to the next level. "Once you’ve experienced a FlyBuy purchase, you will wonder 'why doesn’t every restaurant offer this?' Your support of FlyBuy is helping people to live better on the fly — more choices for fast, healthy meals, no time wasted in order lines, and less traffic congestion from drivers searching for parking spots. We appreciate the input from our Flyers — especially your suggestions for new FlyBuy locations. We follow up on every single one."

We are proud of our recent accomplishments and look forward to flying into February. #LiveBetterOnTheFly