As national and international chains ramp up curbside pickup, delivery and mobile ordering, smaller chains and independent restaurants are often left without the means to accommodate changes in consumer behavior. 

Every major trend of 2017 points to restaurants needing more options to get food to their customers. Bloomberg believes "In five years, half of all sales at quick-service chains will be placed digitally before the customer ever steps on the premises." 

McDonalds is working towards offering curbside pickup through their own app, and Starbucks has gotten more orders than they can handle with the mobile app. 

As small, quick service chains feel the need to keep up, they can often be left with the challenge of developing their own app or not. Delivery services such as UberEats, Bitesquad, and Caviar have caused problems and headaches

Furthermore, curbside pickup has proven to be an effective trend for building repeat customers, gaining incremental sales, and growing your customer base. Restaurants gain the powerful tool of off-premise ordering while also offering a service the national chains have been slow to master. 

Curbside pickup also skips the delivery middle-man. Restaurants and coffee shops maintain control over their food and ensure it arrives in the hands of their customer in perfect condition. 

As Yelp and reviews go a long way, each customer transaction is vital to the restaurants reputation. Keeping the process from kitchen to customer ensures each restaurant has control over the entire process. 

The FlyBuy app allows for chains and independent locations to utilize mobile ordering and curbside pickup in a pre-built platform. To learn more about FlyBuy and your restaurant offering curbside pickup, fill out the form here and we'll be in touch right away.