Accepting mobile orders can be tricky for restaurants. However, savvy restaurant owners understand that offering both curbside pickup and mobile ordering can improve the bottom line. 

Delivery services have caused problems for restaurants, particularly in maintaining the quality of the food. "We don't like the way Postmates represents our business, and don't trust that their staff is properly handling our food," said Seattle restaurant owner David Meinert. 

Curbside pickup presents an opportunity to expand customer base. FlyBuy partners have found increased incremental sales, more repeat visitors and happier customers; because they save time and money.

To successfully utilize curbside, we recommend:

1. Keep an eye (and ear) on the tablet.


Listening for the 'Ding' and being quick to respond to orders is vital. The quicker you can respond to an order, the happier your customer will be (and more likely they are to come back!). 

2. Be mindful of the customer's distance.

Image 6.png

Based on the customer's location when they order, you can provide accurate time estimates for when the food will be ready. 

3. Prepare for the handoff.

FlyBuy Customer picking up an order

The "FlyBuy Moment" is the biggest selling point for customers. People may not realize the amount of time they can save, until they have experienced curbside delivery. Make it a good one! A smile and wave go a long way to creating repeat customers. 


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