Customers decide to eat in or eat out first — then choose the restaurant. The highest priority for a diner is convenience and eating on their terms.

“Without an effective to-go platform, casual-dining restaurants cut themselves off from a huge — and growing — number of customers.” states a recent Nations Restaurant News report.

No one wants to eat inside a restaurant. They would rather eat at home and watch Netflix — especially because Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other streaming sites make up 70% of the internet bandwidth during peak hours of the internet, 7-11 pm.

But there's hope! The only growing sector of casual dining is off-premise. And while the industry have seen declines in the past few years in on-premise, that decline sped up the most in 2016. Bonnie Riggs, foodservice industry analyst for NPD says “On-premise visits fell 4 percent in 2016. But off-premise visits increased to 920 million total visits. That represented 16 percent of the 5.9 billion visits to casual dining concepts last year.”

Drive-thru presents itself as a valuable option for restaurants to bridge this gap. It doesn’t require and on-premise visit and allows people to eat at home. With 60 to 70 percent of all quick-service business occurring at the drive-thru window, more restaurants are working to add it to their concept.

While it’s a huge investment to add a drive-thru window, many QSR’s and casual dining restaurants look to the restaurant apps for help.

Restaurants are now uniquely positioned to offer the same first-class service they have in-store to their customers at home. Many are experimenting with finding to-go containers to keep the food warm and provide the same high-quality service. Curbside pickup also ensures the order arrives to the customer in the way it’s designed to be delivered.

With delivery problems practically a given, takeout and curbside provides all the benefits of off-premise with relatively no risk.

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