“U.S. mobile order-ahead sales will hit $38 billion by 2020. To put that into perspective, the total revenue from of order-ahead sales for QSRs in 2015 was $4 billion.” - Business Insider

It’s a revolution. People prefer to order on their phones - not over the phone. Off-premise ordering is quickly becoming the number one priority for national and local QSR’s across the country.

Wingstop does 75% of its orders through takeout. Dominos increased takeout orders 13% last quarter due to its mobile ordering app.

Practically every restaurant study, trend and infographic points to restaurants - that embrace off-premise ordering - drastically improving sales as opposed to those who don’t.

Restaurants without drive-thru windows can often felt left in the dust. With renovating a store-front out of the question, many restaurants have turned to curbside pickup as an alternative. 

McDonalds is working towards offering curbside pickup through their own app - where customers can order on the app and geo-fencing alerts the restaurant when the customer arrives.

For restaurants wanting to offer a streamlined curbside pickup, FlyBuy is the only service that fits any restaurant with a mobile app designed for curbside pickup. 

A 2017 survey of 11,000 consumers by market measurement analyst Market Force Solutions found that 55% of people said that they had used either a smartphone app or tablet at the table to order food as opposed to counter service—a 25% increase from 2015.

Mobile ordering off-premise also builds customer loyalty and frequency. When customers frequently have positive experiences at their favorite restaurants, they are more motivated to visit again due to the ease of ordering and lack of time spent.

Having an ordering app doesn’t take away from in-store experiences, but it builds incremental sales with practically no cost to the restaurant. However, restaurants should be prepared to accommodate these orders. It does require a bit of a change, but those restaurants who truly embrace it have enjoyed huge profits.

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