Mobile Ordering / Curbside Pickup for your Restaurant

  • FlyBuy's mobile app has your menu built-in

  • Customers order and pay on their phones

  • Customers drive to your restaurant

  • You deliver the order, as they pull up, curbside

  • You have complete control; pickup location, pricing, hours, and menu items

FlyBuy customer picking up order curbside


"Mobile ordering platforms have been proven to intensify customer loyalty, increase purchase frequency, and lift average ticket sizes. This means that mobile ordering is not a simple substitution for in-store purchasing, but a channel that can enhance the lifetime value of QSR customers." - Business Insider


20% of all meals are eaten in the car. Your customer won't get food that's cold, upside-down, or smells like a delivery van. You control the entire process from kitchen to car. Because your customers are picking up their own food, the transaction is quick and the food stays hot.


Turn pavement into profit. Studies of our buyers show that offering curbside service increases buyer purchase frequency without cannibalizing in-store sales. "In five years, half of all sales at quick-service chains will be placed digitally before the customer ever steps on the premises." - Bloomberg


FlyBuy has lower fees, more support, and a dedicated user base. When you sign-up for FlyBuy, you join a growing network of curbside-enabled businesses. For customers, the app is free to download and simply pay for the cost of their order.

FlyBuy has been a success driving incremental sales for customers on the move, and not just one time a week, but 4 or 5.
— Ryan Suddendorf | Evergreens Salads
FlyBuy Restaurant tablet tracking customer for mobile order pickup

FlyBuy allows restaurant to gain traffic of drive-thru without building a drive-thru

Instant Mobile Drive-Thru 

FlyBuy is a national solution. Whether you're a coffee shop in St. Louis or a restaurant chain in Seattle and you want to start offering curbside service to your customers, give us a call - we can have you set up in a matter of days.